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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

Service Packages

"They made the arduous process as painless as possible. By setting reasonable deadlines,
I completed my essays with time to spare.

- Student Admitted to MIT and Caltech

Service packages are put together as follows:

  • Freshman through juniors choose the COACHING PROGRAM and the ADMISSIONS PROGRAM.
  • Seniors choose the ADMISSIONS PROGRAM.


Coaching Programs include:

  • Monthly consulting meetings
  • High school course selection
  • Standardized test planning (SAT, ACT, SAT subject tests) 
  • Extracurricular activities planning
  • Summer program application support
  • Career and interest test
  • Quarterly service/volunteering projects
  • Quarterly family check-in's
  • Training on organization and study habits


Admissions Programs include:

  • College list formation
  • Resume and brag sheet support
  • Individualized essay development for all essays
  • Interview training
  • WEEKLY essay workshops
  • Full team review of essays
  • Complete application review
  • Wait-list and deferral consultation
  • College success workshop (spring)
  • Complete and comprehensive college application support

A few words from one of our students:

I honestly cannot imagine having a better college counseling service than ILUMIN. They're so knowledgeable about the college process and from day one they were super invested in me and my interests. They helped me develop my extracurriculars and expanded them to be more unique and fulfilling. Through hours of incredibly hard work on college essays, they pushed me to reflect and draw from my past experiences to create a powerful college essay. They are so easy to talk to, connect with, and are amazing mentors.

- Student Accepted to Johns Hopkins University

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