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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

Admissions Program (12th grade)

"ILUMIN made that arduous process as painless as possible.
By setting reasonable deadlines, I completed my essays with time to spare."

- Student Admitted to MIT and Caltech

college admissions advising consulting counseling


The college application process is stressful. With challenging essay prompts, a tight timeline, and a lot of floating misinformation, it can be overwhelming. It however doesn’t have to be.  We offer a step-by-step method to confidently guide our students through. Our years of college admissions consulting ensure students receive an individualized plan to help them gain admission to the right university. We help you with the following:

  • College list formation
  • College major guidance
  • Complete essay development and editing
  • Complete application support
  • Detailed schedule to complete application

We also conduct a summer application workshop to help students get ahead of the process. To break it down further, we provide in-depth support on the following five components of a successful application:

  1. EXCEPTIONAL ESSAYS - Many applicants have the same GPA and test scores, so the only differentiating factor is their essay. We work with themes, syntax and style to help students write amazing, yet honest essays. We also have the experience and insight to coach students through the writing process to produce remarkable personal statements. We have a unique 4-step process that helps students write compelling personal statements. Read more about it HERE

  2. IMPRESSIVE RESUMES - How a student highlights his own achievement can tip the scale. Our years of crafting compelling resumes for high school students, college students, and professionals in law, engineering, finance and medicine allow us to provide unparalleled guidance to students.

  3. ACCURATE PERSONAL INFORMATION - The application requires comprehensive data about a student’s background, test scores, grades, and more. Attention to detail in this arena is critical. We take the time to become familiar with every piece of information to best guide the student’s college application plan. We also review every facet of the application, ensuring complete accuracy. 

  4. TIMELY SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS - It’s easy for students to forget to follow up on their letters of recommendation, transcript orders, and mid-year reports. Our detailed and personalized timeline for every student enables one to manage one’s time, ensuring that each document is retrieved and submitted properly.

  5. FINAL REVIEW - Once everything is complete, we will sit down with the entire family to review each part of the application to ensure everything exceeds your expectations.

Read about our personal philosophy, how we structure packages and a few kind words from past students and parents:

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