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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

IGNITE Internship Program

What is it?

IGNITE is ILUMIN Education’s high school internship program placing students with a for-profit and non-profit organizations within ILUMIN’s exclusive network. Internships involve developing a relevant business or research project under the guidance of an ILUMIN consultant or internship mentor. Students gain real-world professional experience and are in better position to make long term study and career choices.

What does Ilumin provide?

  • Access to our exclusive internship network
  • Individualized internship tailored to the strengths of the student and goals of the organization
  • Step-by-step guidance for interviews, resumes and cover letters
  • One-one-one coaching throughout the internship by ILUMIN Consultants

How does the student benefit?

  • Leadership: Students will be challenged to step out of their comfort zone, collaborate with adults on projects, and provide meaningful contributions.
  • Resume: It’s never too early for a student to start strengthening his/her resume.  Work experience during high school helps students find higher quality internships in college and beyond.
  • Valuable Work Experience: Experiencing a career firsthand with industry professionals is the optimal method to determine if it is the right fit for your student.
  • Network: Establishing strong relationships with industry professionals is the best path to not only gain effective letters of recommendations, but also leverage that network for future career opportunities.
  • College Application: Colleges are seeking students who passionately pursue their interests both academically and through meaningful extracurricular experiences. Few experiences prove that as powerfully as a relevant internship that students can persuasively discuss on their college essay and resume. 

Our goal? Develop better student leaders for the long run. Pure and simple. Contact us for more information!

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