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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

Graduate School Admissions Program

ILUMIN made that arduous process as painless as possible.
By setting reasonable deadlines, I completed my essays with time to spare.
— Student Admitted to MIT and CalTech


The goal of our graduate school admissions counseling program is to prepare students to be competitive graduate school applicants and position them for long term success.

We walk students through every aspect of graduate school planning whether it be coaching them on writing your personal statements to helping them select which colleges to apply to. We offer a step-by-step method to confidently guide our students through. Our years of college admissions consulting ensure students receive an individualized plan to help them gain admission to the right university.

We provide:

customized college list.png

Customized College List

Finding the right fit is critical. We prepare customized college suggestions that fit the student's professional goals, learning style, and personal preferences so he or she will thrive during those precious college years. Not every school is the right for every student and we believe long-term student success is more important than name-brand. 

essay strategy.png

Essay Strategy, Development and Editing

Many applicants have the same GPA and test scores, so the only differentiating factor is their essay. We coach students on how to write honest and powerful essays that appeal to college admissions officers and demonstrate their interest in their desired major. We also have a team of published authors, professional journalists and credentialed English teachers providing editing input and helping to craft that perfect essay.  

resume development.png

Resume Development

How a student highlights his own achievement can tip the scale. We help students present their best selves and highlight the academic and leadership achievements that top schools are looking for. 

Interview Preparation.png

Interview Preparation

It's important students make the best first impression. We help students prepare for interviews and make meaningful connections with admissions officers by running live interview practice sessions.

complete application review.png

Complete Application Review

We make sure every word and punctuation mark is proper and purposeful and the application is ready for submission. Since our staff has admissions office experience, we have the insight to review every application through the eyes of an admissions officer.