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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

Coaching Program (9th - 11th grade)

"Too many college counselors out there don’t take time to understand their students,
but ILUMIN is one of a kind... everything they do is for the growth of their students."

- Student Admitted to Washington University, St. Louis



The goal of our coaching program is both to prepare students to be competitive college applicants and position them for long term success. We’re committed to helping students achieve academically; but we’re also passionate about helping students become motivated and mature individuals. We provide:

  • Strategic high school course planning
  • Detailed standardized test planning
  • Growth-oriented extracurricular planning

We also use the following five steps to help our students be better leaders for the future:

  1. BUILD TRUST - It’s our first priority to earn a student’s trust. We ask questions. We listen. And listen. And listen some more. It’s important for us to understand each student before we can recommend next steps. We also share our own mistakes and life lessons to show our students (and remind ourselves) that we’re not perfect and there’s always a way up.
  2. SET VISION - This is not just about goals, but knowing one's purpose. Some want to be neurosurgeons; others want to be graphic designers. And yet others want to dive into computer science. Most of our students however have no idea! So we use scientifically proven assessments and mini-projects to help our students discover their true interests and chart a path for personal and academic growth.
  3. OVERCOME OBSTACLES - Everyone has obstacles they must overcome to reach their goals. We help students pinpoint areas of struggle (disorganization, self-confidence, leadership ability), develop problem-solving skills, and work with them step-by-step to tackle those challenges. It’s one of the most challenging stages, but the end result is not just achievement--it's tenacity and courage, life skills necessary for the adult life.

  4. ENGAGE STRENGTHS - Confidence. Every student needs it in at least one area of their life. We call it Core Confidence—it can be in academics, athletics or other activities, but there must be one area where they see the fruits of their effort.  We recommend activities, find programs and even custom design off-the-grid Capstone Projects that help students ignite their abilities. When they see results, their confidence builds and success is soon to follow.

  5. CHALLENGE ABILITIES - Most students don’t know what they’re truly capable of.  That’s why we all need a good push from time to time. A push to take good risks, dream big dreams and achieve goals beyond our wildest imagination. We challenge students to reach the next level. Whether it’s starting their own club, or making their first public speech, or even developing a non-profit, we love helping each unique individual discover their next step of growth. 

Read about our personal philosophy, how we structure packages and a few kind words from past students and parents:

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