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Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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Elton Lin

Interested in learning what it takes to be an Entrepreneur?
Want to become the next Steve Jobs?
Sign up to join the Junior Achievement Student Company Program!

ILUMIN Education is partnering with Junior Achievement of Northern California to host a 13-week entrepreneurship workshop and incubator for aspiring teen entrepreneurs. Students will work with local business leaders and learn what it takes to raise capital, write a business plan, market a product, and build effective teamwork and leadership skills.

Students will be broken into teams, develop their own product or service and launch a real business. Teams will also have the opportunity to submit their business idea to the JA Company of Year Competition, sponsored by Intuit, in April 2017.

For more information on this specific workshop, contact us at 

Session Information:

Dates: Every Saturday starting Jan 27th to April 21st
Time: 1-3pm
Location: ILUMIN Education Office - 940 Stewart Drive #236, Sunnyvale, 94085
Cost: $285/student** (funds go towards facility/program expenses and a donation to Junior Achievement)


1. Must currently be in high school.
2. Provide your own transportation and arrive on time to all sessions.
3. May not miss more than 3 sessions (if more, please discuss with instructor).

Accepted students will be notified on January 12, 2017.


** - Make check payable to ILUMIN Education and bring on the first day.

Some words from one of last year's Company Program team members:

"Before attending the Junior Achievement program, I knew little to nothing about business and what it took to run a business. Now, after my experience with Junior Achievement, I understand the number of different teams and the endless work that come together to produce a single product. We had marketing, sales, product, and management teams that all worked together. The marketing team and I had so much fun making a commercial and brainstorming ways to bring our product, PiggyPack, to the public. My favorite moment with the entire company is when we finally got to see our product (a waterproof, dual compartment athletic bag) in person. We had been working on the logistics of the bag for over a month, and to finally see all of our hard work come to life was so exciting. Even if you aren't currently interested in going into business in the future, I would highly recommend joining the JA program, because it introduces you to many other dedicated and inspiring high school students, and it gives you a newfound appreciation for the world of business."

ILUMIN Education Team // Best Demo and Commercial 2017

ILUMIN Education Team // Best Demo and Commercial 2017