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As a rising college freshman committed to Stanford, I feel very blessed to have had Lia as my college counselor for the past three years. Whether it be face-to-face meetings or video conferences online, Lia always managed to foster a comfortable atmosphere where I am able to communicate topics frankly and thoroughly. Far from simply being preoccupied with my academic portfolio, Lia also provided genuine advice concerning my extracurricular activities, and frequently encouraged me to take my personal projects a step further. All professionalism aside, I felt that Lia sincerely made my progress and well-being a priority, responding timely to my urgent emails and pressing requests with helpful insight, even when I was unable to meet in person. For the above reasons, and many others, I would not hesitate to recommend Lia as a college counselor to any of my peers.
— Student admitted to Stanford University
Katie was an invaluable resource throughout the application process. From the beginning to the end, she listened and truly inspired me with feedback and thought-provoking comments. She supported my ideas and guided their development to their full potential. She graced every meeting with kindness and enthusiasm, and understood what I wanted to say even when I couldn’t get it on paper. As a consultant, she knew my personality and interests, and more so, recognized what made me unique. She was always willing to help and talk, both as a mentor and friend, even in times of high stress. I am extremely grateful and fortunate to have been able to work with Katie. I would not be where I am today if not for her guidance and wisdom.
— Student admitted to Harvard College
Elton’s guidance was invaluable to me during my high school career. Over the past two years, Elton challenged me to explore my potential and make my high school experience both successful and enjoyable. From our first meeting, I knew Elton would be more than a consultant. Like a close friend, Elton understood my strengths and weaknesses, and I felt truly comfortable sharing my experiences, beliefs and convictions with him. Our time together was also beneficial to me because it helped me understand myself better, a very important component in writing colleges essays. Last but not least, Elton himself was an inspiration to me and a major influence in my quest for success.
— Student admitted to Stanford University
Both my family and I really appreciate the incredible effort and support John provided me throughout high school and my college application. My relationship with him is more of a mentor and big brother rather than just a consultant. He not only gave me excellent feedback and advice on how to make my essay personal yet powerful, but he also made sure I never felt lost throughout the complicated process. 
I can definitely say that without John, I would not be as confident and or as mature as I am today. 
— Student admitted to Duke University
Azure helped my daughter prepare her college essays. She had the right intermix of rigor and freedom, made the authentic voice of my daughter come out in the essays, when we as parents were aiming for a too mature and probably somewhat mundane style. She was always willing to listen when I had thoughts on essays, and also convinced us why a certain way of presenting the student was better than another. She took great pains to go through several iterations of the college essays, and her initial briefings were also very useful to put my daughter in the proper writing mindset and suitable essay themes to start with. Overall, I was very happy with the college counselor experience she provided.
— Parents of a student admitted to UC Berkley