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ILUMIN Essay Process


college essay personal statement methodology step process

Writing is an art. Increasingly, admissions officers are looking for literary masterpieces to stand out among the throngs of manufactured “McEssays” too many students produce today. Our years of careful research and experience have given us an intimate understanding of what each college campus is looking for in an essay. We know which experiences to include, which to exclude, and how to harness it all into a powerful narrative. Having worked with students of varying abilities, we know how to individualize the essay process to meet each student where they are at and help them develop powerful and honest personal statements. 

4-Step Process

  1. Life Mapping – We use our unique Life Map approach to put the student’s entire life in front of them and then pinpoint the stories and experiences that highlight the student’s strengths most effectively.

  2. Angle – Every great story needs an angle. Using the stories and events collected from the Life Map, we strategize with students to understand what makes them distinctive and how to weave that into the entire application.

  3. Essay Creation Writing is a process. Our “Essay Starter” exercise helps students begin with confidence and direction. Our customized outline process provides a strong blueprint for students to create a meaningful narrative.

  4. Essay Finalization – Finally we perform a detailed word-by-word review, checking for grammar, spelling, diction and prose, making sure that every aspect of the essay is perfect and is a reflection of the student’s strengths and passions.