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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

Lia Tanti

Lia Tanti

Educational Consultant

Lia has had over ten years of experience working in education, from tutoring and teaching to educational consulting. She graduated with a BA in French at UC Santa Barbara and an MA in French and Comparative Literature at the University of Lyon in France. She then worked for several years in France and later Germany as a language teacher, continuing to follow her passion for languages and culture. As a teacher, Lia fostered an engaging classroom, leading discussions and exercises to strengthen students' communication skills and help them reach fluency.

During her years working as an educational consultant at the Bay Area's largest education company, Lia worked closely with students to help them discover their strengths and achieve their academic goals. As a consultant, she focuses on helping students set goals, develop strong study and time management skills, and come up with creative ways to pursue their interests.

Lia loves to help her students recognize their strengths and take action.  Many of her students have initiated their own signature projects such as leading workshops, organizing fundraisers, or coding apps, which were cornerstones in their college applications. Lia applies her strong communication skills and a creative approach to helping students realize their potential and achieve their college goals.