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955 Benecia Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94085

(408) 479-4742

ILUMIN Philosophy

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Our philosophy is simple: help students be the best they can be. While other companies "package" students and put them into a cookie cutter mold that will "yield" the best results, we focus on helping teens be better students, leaders and citizens. As they become more organized, take greater responsibility and discover their true passions, they will get better grades, attain higher test scores and build a better extracurricular resume.

This is why life coaching is a part of what we do. It's not an added "service," but a part of our commitment to help students be their best. Using scientifically-proven skills assessments and results-oriented coaching, we not only help students figure out their college major, but become more motivated and mature individuals. These are the traits the top-tier universities are looking for and the characteristics that lead to long-term success. 

Of course we know what goes into a college application. We have an in-depth process to help seniors tell their own story and develop beautiful and honest essays for their applications. We help seniors submit flawless applications that highlight their best qualities. For freshman, sophomores and juniors, we guide students on course selection, test planning and extracurricular choices. We've worked with students who have been admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UPenn, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC and NYU to name a few. 

In the end, we help students prepare for long term success. That includes getting admitted to the right schools and growing to be the best people. Setup an appointment so we can learn more about you and share with you how we can help. You won't regret it. 

A testimonial from a recent senior:

Elton has been an integral part of my high school career. His knowledge regarding the ins and outs of the entire college application process, from extracurricular activities to the essay writing portion, is astonishing. I connected extremely well with Elton and see him more as a life mentor than just a college coach. His entrepreneurial, start-things-yourself, approach to everything has been very insightful and not only helped me stand out as a student but also greatly improved my leadership abilities. Whether it’s helping me turn a community service idea into a small company, guiding me through the personal statement essays, or simply helping me discover my true passion in entrepreneurship and business, Elton’s patient yet proactive style of coaching helped improve not only my college application but also my character.  

Don't hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We're nice people and passionate to see students succeed. Click to the right!