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Summer Plans: Taking Classes at Community Colleges

Elton Lin

Thinking of taking classes at your local community or junior college this summer? Here are a few reasons you should do it:

  • Community colleges normally have classes you can't get at your high school. You can explore your interests or take more classes in an area of strength (math focused students taking higher levels of math; history students studying different eras of history, etc.). 
  • If you get an A, it may give your GPA a little boost!
  • If you do well, it can signal to universities that you're ready for college-level study.
  • It can demonstrate to colleges your interest in the subject.
  • You can takes classes almost anytime morning, noon and night. You can take classes online through your community college as well!
  • It's a good complement to a part-time job.

A few things to be mindful of when taking community or junior college classes:

  • You have to WORK! Summer classes are accelerated so you need to stay on top of it. 
  • Teachers won't pay as much attention to you, so you NEED to be pro-active with asking questions and seeking help.
  • You need approval forms signed by your high school before you register. Start all this paperwork in April and search for the high school enrollment info on each individual community college website. 
  • High school students register last... so have a few backup class choices ready!
  • California students applying to UCs or CSUs - try to choose UC-approved courses so you'll definitely get the course transferred later on.

Hope that helps! Questions? Comment below or contact us!