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CONGRATS to the ILUMIN/Junior Achievement Company Program team for winning "BEST PRODUCT" at the NorCal JA Company of the Year Competition 2018!

Great work team and excited to empower and equip the next generation of entrepreneurial change makers!

AND now off to the JA National Company Program competition in Washington DC!

You can also check out the Silicube and preorder yours HERE.

Some reflections from our students after the program:

"The JA program allowed me to learn how to manage a team, from keeping everyone on track and encouraging them to the tougher aspects like making sure the quality of the work produced was acceptable. The members of the company program became close knit over the 13 weeks we met, and I learned that while a good idea may come from a single person, the true innovation requires the collaboration between the team members to provide support and occasionally limits to the thinking of an individual."

// Ronald C.

"Before attending the Junior Achievement program, I knew little to nothing about business and what it took to run a business. Now, after my experience with Junior Achievement, I understand the number of different teams and the endless work that come with producing a single product. The marketing team and I had so much fun making a commercial and brainstorming ways to bring our product to the public. My favorite moment with the entire company is when we finally got to see our product in person. We had been working on the logistics of the bag for over a month, and to finally see all of our hard work come to life was so exciting. Even if you aren't currently interested in going into business in the future, I would highly recommend joining the JA program, because it introduces you to many other dedicated and inspiring high school students, and it gives you a newfound appreciation for the world of business."

// Mia S.